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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Core Member Salina V.Female/United States Groups :iconthemagicpen: TheMagicPen
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Given by Yohn-Port
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How long have you been on DeviantArt?
        I actually don't remember lol. It's been a very long time. And consider, that my current account is actually my second one....

What does your username mean?
        Nothing actually. My user name is a combination of two of my older mascot characters: Chibi Sal and Chibi Lina.

Describe yourself in three words.
        Creative, Lazy, Easygoing...?

Are you left or right handed?
        Right handed.

What was your first deviation?
        On this account, it's this one: Regret Message - Rin and Len by ChibiSalLina

What is your favourite type of art to create?
        Any anime/manga styled illustrations/concept arts

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
        Hmm.... I would say the semi-realistic art styles.... I find those really amazing, yet I am not able to do that myself.... yet. x'D

What was your first favourite?
        On this account it's this one: I Like You, I Love You by AkatsukiPie

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
        Hmm... mostly illustrations and Reader Insert Fanfictions. But it really depends on what I really like.

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
        Too many to list o-o;

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
        My partner in crime, :iconmilonar:. <3 Though I would like to have some sort of a gathering with the members of :iconelswordocs: and :iconelsword-rps:. :'3

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

What are your preferred tools to create art?
        Digital Art
>> Paint Tool Sai
>> Drawing/Graphic Tablet

        Traditional Art
>> Paper
>> Colored/Pencil
>> Eraser
>> Marker
>> Pen
>> Anything that I can and will use

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
        At school. Believe it or not. xDD I always tend to draw something during class. Though overall I would say at home, in my usual corner, and mostly in the middle of the night, aka 2am - 5am.

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
        My favourite DeviantArt memory...? I'd say the day I actually met :iconmilonar: xD Ever since then, we've been really close and talk almost everyday, if Life and Timezone won't interfere lol.


I really don't have much to say, if anything, just ask me x"D
[20150113] Status Sign [OPEN] by ChibiSalLina

Sketch Commission Header - News by ChibiSalLina

[NEW][20150805] Changed the forms to fit the sketch commission sheet.

Change Log:
[20150701] Ya! I decided to open up commissions again, this time though, they will be sketch commission. The info is pretty much the same as my regular commission info, except for price changes since these will be sketches/ed drawings. As for the layout, just made it look slightly different but other than that, nothing really has changed.

Alright, here are changes and other things in an overview:

01 || New Headers
02 || Removed the discount prices
03 || Added 2 more slots to this type of commissions (5 slots in total

That's about it.
Please enjoy~

Estimated Closing || TBA

Sketch Commission Header - Prices by ChibiSalLina


$ 3.00


[20150127] Shapeshifting [TMP - DOODLE] by ChibiSalLina [20150127] Lost Tail [TMP - DOODLE] by ChibiSalLina


$ 3.00


[20150410] Noah [TMP - Doodle] by ChibiSalLina [20150626] Remiel [TMP - Doodle] by ChibiSalLina


$ 5.00


[ElswordOCsRPs] White Day [LilithxClearDoll] by ChibiSalLina Elsword - Add, Lunatic Psyker [Doodle] by ChibiSalLina


$ 7.00


[20150426] Solion Hyoukawa [TMP] by ChibiSalLina [201506] Sakuro Zodia [TMP] by ChibiSalLina


+ $ 3.00, if it is an Elsword Character

Sketch Commission Header - Additional by ChibiSalLina



+ $ 2.00


+ $ 3.00



+ $ 3.00


Elsword RPs - Lilith and Ersaeah [Chibi Ver] by ChibiSalLina [20150626] Feresto [TMP - Doodle] by ChibiSalLina


+ $ 5.00


[20150412] Noah [TMP - Doodle 02] by ChibiSalLina [Bakumatsu Rock] Ryouma and Souji [Gift] by ChibiSalLina



+ $ 2.00


[ElswordOCsRPs] Demonic Hunter, Lich [Doodle] by ChibiSalLina [ElswordOC/RPs] Are you hurt? [AsterxNegai] by ChibiSalLina


+ $ 7.00


[20150202] Minato [TMP] by ChibiSalLina [20150127] SaliSaku [TMP] by ChibiSalLina

Sketch Commission Header - Won't Do by ChibiSalLina

01 || Nude and Hentai.
Ecchi is fine.

02 || Furries and Anthros.
Animal features like ears, tails, and other small animal details are aceptable.

03 || Mecha
Depends. Please send me a note regarding this.

04 || Overly detailed and cluttered characters
Please refer to the previous point

Anything that is not in this list will be drawn, unless said otherwise. If you have any questions, please send me a note.

Sketch Commission Header - Forms by ChibiSalLina

Please fill out the appropriate forms for your commission and send it to me via note. I will need these for references in order to make accurate detailed drawing of your character/s.

Elsword Online in game characters will take a lot longer than any other drawings, especially the fullbody drawings.


Name || Your name and/or dA username.
PayPal Email || For confirming if you have paid or not.
Type || Chibi/Bust/Waist/Full & Couple/Group (Please put the amount of characters | Example: Group (4) for 4 characters.)
Additionals || Yes/No (Info can be found under ''Additional''. Please be specific if you choose ''yes''. If you choose ''no'', your commission will be done after the cleaned sketch.)
Background || Yes/No
References || References of your character/s.
Others || Basically anything else, like background details, poses, extras, etc.

Elsword Online and other MMOs

Name || Your name and/or dA username.
PayPal Email || For confirming if you have paid or not.
Type || Chibi/Bust/Waist/Full & Couple/Group (Please put the amount of characters | Example: Group (4) for 4 characters.)
Additionals || Yes/No (Info can be found under ''Additional''. Please be specific if you choose ''yes''. If you choose ''no'', your commission will be done after the cleaned sketch.)
Background || Yes/No
References || I need the following references of your character/s:
Front with accessories || The front view of your character/s with accessories.
Front without accessories || The front view of your character/s without accessories.

Back with accessories || The back view of your character/s with accessories.
Back without accessories || The back view of your character/s without accessories.

Left with accessories || The left side view of your character/s with accessories.
Left without accessories || The left side view of your character/s without accessories.

Right with accessories || The right side view of your character/s with accessories.
Right without accessories || The right side view of your character/s without accessories

Weapon/s || If available and wanted, please provide a reference for the weapon of your character/s too.
For Elsword Online character/s, if possible, please provide references without the elemental attribute on the weapon.

Others || Basically anything else, like background details, poses, extras, etc.

Sketch Commission Header - Payments by ChibiSalLina

I only accept PayPal payments.
Please send your payment to the following email:
Note: I will be adding the PayPal fee into the total price, or else I would be doing commissions for less than what they costs.
Price of overall commission + PayPal fee = Total amount.
If you want to know how much the commission without the fee costs, click here: PayPal Fee Calculator.
Just type in the total amount and click on "If sending this..." and it will show you how much the fee was and how much the actual commission costs.
Note: Please do not send what the calculator is telling you, if you did that, you would pay more than you should have, since the total amount already included the fee for paypal. The calculator just shows you how the fee calculation of PayPal is working.

Thank you!

Sketch Commission Header - Notes by ChibiSalLina

01 || Please wait with the payment until I accept your commission.
02 || I will start on your commission once I receive the payment, unless I'm working on another commission before the payment.
03 || Only one (1) commission at a time per person.
04 || Please keep in mind that I can refuse to do your commission, if I won't be able to do it or if it's not appropriate for me.
05 || Please be patient. Do NOT keep asking if I started your commission yet or how the progress is, unless it's been 5 days after the payment without any notice, unless another commission is being worked on.
06 || Commissions will usually take 2 - 3 days to finish, depending on the character count, details, and if there is/are an/other commission/s to be worked on.
I will send you a note if it does take longer than planned.
07 || Please be aware that I might contact you and asks questions about your commission/s, so please check dA frequently.
08 || Once I finished your commission, I will send you a link via note with the non-dA watermarked one.
On my gallery though, it will be having the dA watermark on, just to prevent art thieves to steal it for any reasons they may have.
09 || Before I start working on the lineart or in this case a clean sketch, I will send you a rough sketch of the progress via note, to let you see how it will look like.
You are able to change anything in that progress. Once you decided to change something, please let me know and I will adjust accordingly to it.
10 || Please refer to the progress percentages to see how far the progress of your commission is.
Note: Once you confirmed everything and the status says "Clean Sketch Progress" with at least a percentage of 25.1%, you will not be able to change anything anymore. Please be sure about everything before confirming the final drawing.


0% || Not started yet
25% || Finished Rough Sketch
50% || Finished Clean Sketch
75% || Finished Coloring
100% || Done


Reserved || Slot reservation for the commissioner, while they are still looking for references and decide on what they want.
Negotiation Progress || Discussing about prices/details of the artwork with the commissioner.
Waiting for Payment || Payment hasn't been made yet by the commissioner.
Waiting for Response || Waiting for commissioner to respond to questions/comments/notes/etc.
Applying Adjustments || Changing the rough sketch according to commissioner's liking before finalizing it.
On Hold || Currently working on another commission or something came up that prevents me from working on it.
I will notify you about this.
Rough Sketch Progress Currently working on the rough sketch of artwork.
Clean Sketch Progress || Currently working on the clean sketch of artwork.
Coloring Progress || Currently working on the coloring of artwork.
Uploading || Currently uploading the artwork.

Sketch Commission Header - Slots by ChibiSalLina

01 || :iconlaharl234: Laharl234
Type || Full, Color: Shaded, BG: Simple
Commission Price || $14.00
Total Price || $14.73
Payment Status || Paid
Status || On hold
Progress || 25%
Note || Life... and need more references of the character, especially the details/ed stuff.

02 || [OPEN]
Type || 
Commission Price || 
Total Price || 
Payment Status || 
Status || 
Progress || 
Note ||

03 || [OPEN]
Type || 
Commission Price || 
Total Price || 
Payment Status || 
Status || 
Progress || 
Note ||

04 || [OPEN]
Type || 
Commission Price || 
Total Price || 
Payment Status || 
Status || 
Progress || 
Note ||

05 || [OPEN]
Type || 
Commission Price || 
Total Price || 
Payment Status || 
Status || 
Progress || 
Note ||

Sketch Commission Header - Finished by ChibiSalLina

:iconlaharl234: Laharl234
SCommission: Laharl234 [0001] by ChibiSalLina
Copy&Paste from :iconthemagicpen:


Chibi desu~

I've been thinking about this part of TMP for a while, but I've yet to think of a proper story ish for this.
So... TMP: Another Story will be.... well... a spin off of TMP I guess?
What I've planned was:

Making a...... visual novel like reader insert kind of thing...?
Basically you, as the reader, can get to experience/be inside this story yourself.... sort of lol xD

I also will make a design for the MC, who looks/is/will be gender neutral. Basically, the MC can be either male or female, depending how you guys decide on it.
Though the design might be a bit tricky lol x'D
I have a design already, kind of looks like a boyish girl/girlish boy (was actually intended like that)

Anyways, depending on how time and Life decided to be for me, I was planning on posting something about this every two weeks. Just an initial thoughts, so that means it's not a final decision yet.

Then there is also something else I would like to add to this.

I will also bring in only six characters of my own in this story, mainly Salina and Solion.
Cresto, Silanor, Minato, and Noah will be supporting characters in here.
Other TMP characters may or may not appear as cameos.

And since this story is going to be lacking on sub characters, I was planning on bringing in some of your guys' OCs into this too.

It really depends on you guys.
If you guys want to have some of your OCs in here too, please send a note to this group, TheMagicPen, with the following subject and information about your character/s:

*SUBJECT: TMP: Another Story OC Submission

*Name: The name of your character/s.
*Age: The age of your character/s
*Race: The race of your character/s. (Human, Demon, Elf, etc...)
Element: Element of your character/s. (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark, etc.... If they have one that is...)
Weapon: Weapon of choice of your character/s. (If they have one...)
*Likes: What your character/s like.
*Dislikes: What your character/s dislike.
*Personality: The personality of your character/s
*Background: A short background story of your character/s.
*References: Any references I need of your character/s and possibly their weapons too.
If any of the information have "*" marked in front of then, that means it is required that you put the information about your character in there.
If your OCs don't have anything specific Element or Weapon, just put in N/A.
Also, three (3) OCs max per person. Any more, and I may or may not be able to keep track with this lol xD

Your OCs will be credited properly everytime they appear in the story.
Also keep in mind that they may be out of character (OOC).

Well, other than that.... I've been working/thinking slowly on/about the character designs/illustrations for the following characters: Sylph, Solion, Sakuro, Sakura, Lok, Noah, and Salina/Solion [TMP EX ver].

So look forward to the next few TMP updates~

Well then,
Mata ne-ssu ;3

Detachable Pantsu or no? 

11 deviants said Yes
9 deviants said What?! o___o;;;
5 deviants said Why? oO
4 deviants said Maybe
1 deviant said No


Well then, I told that person to remove my drawings from their gallery. They even had enough time to do so, and guess what, after such a long time, I went back to their page to check if my drawings are gone or not, I realized that person blocked me. They even hid my comment on my Lilith drawing on their page. Elsword Rps   Lilith   Winter Snow Bird by Flamme95
I have sent a report to dA before and I did it again, I will spam dA about this until my drawings are gone from Flamme95's gallery.

I told them once, I'm not going to tell them twice. And if they block ME, the owner of two of their gallery pics, on top of that. Yeah, not going to back down to this. Do they really think, I don't know how to ''notify'' them or something?

Either way, Flamme95 also seem to have uploaded other artist's artwork on their gallery.…
Not sure where they're from, but I've seen some of them floating around on google/pixiv a lot.

You guys can call me overreacting/sensitive/etc, but if you guys haven't experience this, then be quiet please. You wouldn't understand how it feels to have your own drawings/artwork to be stolen/taken by someone without you knowing and upload it on their page/other pages.

Thanks for reading my angry rant about this person = u =b

Seriously... some people need to learn some.... art etiquette here on dA? 

Just got notified that some person took two (!!) of my artwork (which are both watermarked with the dA watermark) and uploaded them on their own dA account.

I don't care if they're new or not, but taking another person's (who's also a dA user) drawings and upload them without them knowing or with their permission.... yeah that's when I really stop caring about asking them to take the drawings down or warn them about it. -reported that-
Especially, if they added their name/signature on one of my drawings too where the dA watermark is clearly visible with my name. Even my signature is still on it. > .>

People should know that dA isn't a place were you can upload everything you want, especially if it's art that is not your own.
Unless you want to use them like a thumbnail for literature (which I've seen quite a lot) and then credit them properly.... but this is more like art wise. This is not Photobucket, Imagur, Tinypic, or any of those picture upload storage website thingies... = A =;

Either way, I hope dA is going to do something soon about that user.... 

And thank you very much again for notifying me about this, :icontmcraze:.
Is it just me or does dA load very slowly for you guys too when you guys want to check your dA messages?

I mean.... everytime I click on messages, it takes like forever to load the page.... I thought it's because I have a few tabs open (like 4 - 5, which I closed by now) and then I thought that it might be my internet, but my profile page seems to load a lot faster than my messages page, same goes for other pages and even websites like Facebook and/or Twitter... .__.

Just wondering if you guys are experiencing this too... o-o;;;


Salina V.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
^ [TMP] Salina Hyoukawa [Yvasnil Arc]. ^

Best way/s to contact me


Of course here on dA, Twitter, and Youtube.

My Partner in Crime for everything


The one that said, that my life is a Shoujo Manga....


My Kouhai


RP - Groups I'm in


My Elsword Info:

IGN Akizune
SERVER NA Elsword, Solace
MAIN Chung, Lvl 70, Deadly Chaser
GUILD NavyCiels

IGN Lazaeah
SERVER Void Elsword, Solace
MAIN Elesis, Lvl 70, Blazing Heart
GUILD ChocoCheeseCake
PARTNER Otomoshi, IP



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