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Closing commissions for a while. Really need a break from them.

Going to finish up the ones I currently have right now, with the exception of Milorian, since he did ask for another one after the one I'm working on right now for him. After that one, I will not accept any other commissions until I open again."orz

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you very much!

Estimated reopening time/date: January 2015

Chibi desu~

Like mentioned in my previous journal entry, I'm opening up commissions now.
Here are the prices:





Depends on complexity and details

For every second additional character of the same type (Chibi, Bust, etc.) in a drawing, you will get a 50% discount off of the original price.


1 || Chibi + Chibi = $5.00 + $2.50 = $7.50 instead of $10.00
2 || Chibi + Chibi + Chibi = $5.00 + $2.50 + $5.00 = $12.50 instead of $15.00
3 || Chibi + Chibi + Chibi + Chibi = $5.00 + $2.50 + $5.00 + $2.50= $15.00 instead of $20.00 (You get four characters for the price of three.)

**Starting at character 10, the discount will not apply anymore.**

Additional characters of different types, will not get a discount, unless there are two or more of the same type in the drawing.


1 || Fullbody + Chibi + Bust = $10.00 + $5.00 + $5.00= $20.00
2 || Fullbody + Chibi + Chibi + Bust = $10.00 + $5.00 + $2.50 + $5.00 = $22.50 instead of $25.00

I only accept PayPal payments.

My PayPal email is

Note || I will be adding the PayPal fee into the total prices, since I would lose money if I don't do that, sorry. 

I can and will do

1 || Basically anything that is not in the Can't/Won't Do list.

I can't and won't do

1 || Nude and Hentai. Ecchi is fine.
2 || Furries, Anthros. Animal features like ears, tails, whiskers, or small animal details are acceptable.
3 || Mecha (depends, I will let you know about this).
4 || Overly detailed characters (see previous point).

Please fill this out for me as a reference in the comments or send it to me via notes

Name || Your name and/or dA username.
PayPal Email/Name || I need to know this to confirm, if you've paid or not
Type || Chibi/Bust/WaistUp/Fullbody & Couple/Group (please put in the amount of characters | Example: Group (4) for 4 characters).
Background? || Yes/No
Reference/s || Reference/s of your character/s.*
Others || Basically anything else... Background details, poses, extra adds, etc.

*If you want me to draw your Elsword Online in-game characters, or any MMO characters, please give me a front, back, and side (both left and right) views of them, with and without accessories. That would be 8 screenshots in total. This is necessary for an accurate detailed drawing of the character/s. Thanks!


1 || Please wait with the payment until I accept your commission.
2 || I will start on your commission once I receive the payment, unless I'm working on another commission before the payment.
3 || One (1) commission at a time per person.
4 || Please keep in mind that I can deny your commission, if I won't be able to do it or if it's not appropriate for me.
5 || Please be patient. Do NOT keep asking if I started your commission yet or how the progress is, unless it's been 5 or 7 days after payment without any notice.
6 || Commissions will usually take 2 - 4 days to finish, depending on the character count and the details. 
7 || Please be aware that I might contact you and ask questions about your commission/s, so please check dA frequently.
8 || Once I finished your commission, I will send you a link via note with the non-dA watermarked one.


0% || Not started yet
25% || Finished Sketch
50% || Finished Lineart
75% || Finished Coloring
100% || Done


Reserved || Slot reservation for the commissioner, while they still looking for references and decide on what they want
Negotiation Progress || Discussing about prices/details of the artwork with the commissioner
Waiting for Payment || Payment hasn't been made yet by the commissioner
Waiting for Response || Waiting for commissioner to respond to questions/comments/notes/etc
Applying Adjustments || Changing the sketch according to commissioner's liking before finalizing it
On Hold || Currently working on another commission or something came up that prevents me from working on it
Sketching Progress || Currently working on the sketch of artwork
Lineart Progress || Currently working on the lineart of artwork
Coloring Progress || Currently working on the coloring of artwork
Uploading || Currently uploading the artwork

First come, first served

1 || KimotoDragoon || Fullbody || $10.61 || [O] || 25% || Waiting for Response
2 || Milorian || To be determined [2/2] || To be determined || [O] || 0% || Reserved
3 || [Closed] || [Type] || [Total Price] || [Payment Status] || [Progress] || [Status]
4 || [Closed] || [Type] || [Total Price] || [Payment Status] || [Progress] || [Status]
5 || [Closed] || [Type] || [Total Price] || [Payment Status] || [Progress] || [Status]

Finished Commissions

IndoLegend (FB) || Commission: IndoGuy/Legend [0001] by ChibiSalLina
Yohn-Port || Commission: Yohn-Port [0002] by ChibiSalLina
Starimo || Commission: Starimo [0003] by ChibiSalLina
saurkin || Commission: saurkin [0004] by ChibiSalLina Commission: saurkin [0005] by ChibiSalLina Commission: saurkin [Compensation] by ChibiSalLina
KumoriKakkazan || Commission: KumoriKakkazan [0006] by ChibiSalLina
KimotoDragoon || Commission: KimotoDragoon [0007] by ChibiSalLina Commission: KimotoDragoon [0008] by ChibiSalLina Commission: KimotoDragoon [0011] by ChibiSalLina
Cakesamurai (via Rouenx) || Commission: Cakesamurai [0009] by ChibiSalLina
Rouenx || Commission: Rouenx [0010] by ChibiSalLina
Milorian || Commission: Milorian [0012] by ChibiSalLina
shana-flare || Commission: shana-flare [0013] by ChibiSalLina

If you have any questions about this, please ask me via notes, or if you don't have a DeviantArt account, just email me. Thank you! > w </


ChibiSalLina's Profile Picture
Salina V.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
^ [TMP] Salina Hyoukawa [Blushing Ver]. ^


Best way/s to contact me


Of course here on dA, Twitter, and Youtube.


My Partner in Crime for everything



RP - Groups I'm in



My Elsword Info:

IGN Akizune
SERVER NA Elsword, Solace
MAIN Chung, Lvl 70, Deadly Chaser
GUILD ElswordRPs

IGN Lazaeah
SERVER Void Elsword, Solace
MAIN Elesis, Lvl 70, Blazing Heart
GUILD ChocoCheeseCake
PARTNER Otomoshi, IP


My Elsword Character lvl status

//// Akizune, Chung, DC Lvl 70
>> Eolith, Eve, CBS Lvl 69
>> Lazaeah, Elesis, PK Lvl 51
>> Cecilrella, Chung, IP Lvl 46
>> ChibiSalLina, Elsword, LK Lvl 46
>> Kazenami, Rena, WS Lvl 44
>> Solion, Chung, TT Lvl 40
>> Mien, Ara, SD Lvl 38
>> ChibiBachi, Raven, OT Lvl 31
>> Alraeah, Ara, LD Lvl 24
>> Silanor, Add, AT/MM Lvl 22
>> Nivalia, Elesis, N/A Lvl 15
>> LlamADD, Add, PT/LP Lvl 1

//// Akizune, Chung, DC Lvl 70
//// Lazaeah, Elesis, BH Lvl 70
>> Ersaeah, Elsword, RS Lvl 62
>> Nicaeah, Eve, CEm Lvl 46
>> Mereah, Aisha, VP Lvl 37
>> Asminty, Rena, SR Lvl 22
>> [Open]

>> In Progress
>> Currently working on
//// Done; Max Level


My Grand Chase Info:

IGN ChibiSalLina
SERVER NA Grand Chase, Gaikoz
MAIN Lupus, Lvl 85
GUILD NobleLegacy


My GC Character lvl status

//// Lupus, Arbiter Lvl 85
>> Asin, Mugen Lvl 80
>> Lass, Striker Lvl 80
>> Zero, Advancer Lvl 75
>> Dio, Dusk Bringer Lvl 73
>> Arme, Battle Mage Lvl 71
>> Ley, Dark Matriarch Lvl 71
>> Lime, Saint Lvl 70
>> Ronan, Abyss Knight Lvl 70
>> Veigas, Magi Lvl 70
>> Lin, Chosen - Dark Lvl 68
>> Mari, Geas Lvl 63
>> Lire, Nova Lvl 61
>> Sieghart, Prime Knight Lvl 58
>> Jin, Rama Lvl 57
>> Ryan, Vanquisher Lvl 57
>> Amy, Starlet Lvl 56
>> Elesis, Savior Lvl 55
>> Edel, Major Lvl 52
>> Uno, Bloodless Lvl 40

>> In Progress
>> Currently working on
//// Done; Max Level


My La Tale Info:

IGN Nicaeah
SERVER NA La Tale, Iris
MAIN Meister, Lvl 95


My Elsword Character lvl status

>> Nicaeah, Meister Lvl 95
>> Ersaeah, Explorer Lvl 12
>> [Open]

>> In Progress
>> Currently working on
//// Done; Max Level


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