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Salina V.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
^ [TMP] Salina Hyoukawa [Artblock Ver]. ^


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Of course here on dA, Tumblr, Twitter, and Youtube.


My Partner in Crime for everything


Groups I created

:icongrandchaseocs: :iconelswordfanclub: :iconelswordocs:


RP - Groups I'm in



My Elsword Info:

IGN Lazaeah
SERVER NA Elsword, Solace
MAIN Elesis, Lvl 51, Pyro Knight
GUILD MachineDoll

IGN Akizune
SERVER NA Elsword, Solace
MAIN Chung, Lvl 70, Deadly Chaser
GUILD MachineDoll


My Elsword Character lvl status

//// Akizune, Chung, DC Lvl 70
>> Eolith, Eve, CBS Lvl 69
>> Lazaeah, Elesis, PK Lvl 51
>> Cecilrella, Chung, IP Lvl 46
>> ChibiSalLina, Elsword, LK Lvl 46
>> Kazenami, Rena, WS Lvl 44
>> Solion, Chung, TT Lvl 40
>> Mien, Ara, SD Lvl 38
>> ChibiBachi, Raven, OT Lvl 31
>> Alraeah, Ara, LD Lvl 24
>> Nivalia, Elesis, N/A Lvl 15

>> Livary, Aisha, DW Lvl 48
>> Asminty, Rena, GA Lvl 41
>> Ersaeah, Elsword, RS Lvl 40
>> IgnisSol, Aisha, HM Lvl 33
>> Krolinia, Eve, CE Lvl 32
>> Nicaeah, Eve, CA Lvl 26
>> GetsuKaze, Rena, TR Lvl 24
>> [Open]

>> In Progress
>> Currently working on
//// Done; Max Level


My Grand Chase Info:

IGN ChibiSalLina
SERVER NA Grand Chase, Gaikoz
MAIN Lupus, Lvl 80
GUILD NobleLegacy


My GC Character lvl status

>> Lupus, Arbiter Lvl 81
>> Lass, Striker Lvl 80
>> Zero, Advancer Lvl 75
>> Asin, Mugen Lvl 73
>> Dio, Dusk Bringer Lvl 72
>> Arme, Battle Mage Lvl 71
>> Ley, Dark Matriarch Lvl 71
>> Lime, Saint Lvl 70
>> Ronan, Abyss Knight Lvl 70
>> Lin, Chosen - Dark Lvl 66
>> Mari, Geas Lvl 63
>> Lire, Nova Lvl 61
>> Sieghart, Prime Knight Lvl 58
>> Jin, Rama Lvl 57
>> Ryan, Vanquisher Lvl 57
>> Amy, Starlet Lvl 56
>> Elesis, Savior Lvl 55
>> Veigas, Magi Lvl 55
>> Edel, Major Lvl 52

>> In Progress
>> Currently working on
//// Done; Max Level



Chibi desu~~ :3

Just wanted to update my journal.... again...
So... what I've been doing lately....

1) I've been working on one of my Elesises...
Which is going to be my new main.... DC will be my second one.
I'm going for Blazing Heart. Though you could say I'm going for both Blazing Heart and Grand Master, since I have two Elesises..... though I'm not sure if I'll be sticking/keeping GM....

2) Working a little bit on my CBS....
Since I'm about to cap her..... I think like.... 45% exp more to go or something like that... lol

3) Watching Animes...
Nonstop.... you could say lol....
The series I've been watching are Inazuma Eleven and Danball Senki.... and I finished both series with all of their seasons.

Inazuma Eleven/GO....
Starting with episode 33 of IN11 GO Galaxy, everything was still in raw. So I was almost watching the last 10 - 11 episodes of the series without subtitles lol xD
Which I don't mind though, since I am understanding most of what the characters are saying.
Though Now I'm patiently waiting for the subs to be released... already have episode 33 - 40... going to wait for the last 3 to get released before starting to watch them with subs.

Danball Senki/W/WARS....
At first I wasn't sure if I'm going to like this series or not, but in the end, I actually like it a lot!
My very first reason why I watched this series was because of the InaDan Movie (Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W). I actually watched the movie first before starting with DanSen. I was actually really curious about it afterwards. lol
I'm not really a Mecha genre person.... but after watching the series for a while, it reminded me a bit of a mix of Angelic Layer, Beyblade, and Megaman NT Warriors. But mainly Angelic Layer though.
It was pretty interesting. Though if I do have to pick which season was the better one...... I would say..... DanSen W.
WARS was pretty interesting, but... it felt like that it had a pretty slow start at the beginning and the ending was a bit too... rushed? I kind of felt like it was like that.
But it was a tie between W and WARS at first but yeah... W seemed to have more of an impact on me than WARS did.
The first season was pretty good too, but not as good as the other two? xD Dunno.

But yeah... After finishing WARS.... I actually thought that it would be really awesome, if DanSen gets another season, where Arata (and friends) actually fight alongside Ban and his friends against some kind of evil organization.... > w >
I mean... that's the impression I get from the ending... but then again... I dont even know, if there is going to be another season or not.

Speaking of another season.... I'm still curious if Inazuma Eleven GO will get another season or not.... since the ending of GO Galaxy.... I was like:

"....... what? That's it!?"

I mean.... compared to Inazuma Eleven, GO kind of missed that kind of ending, that actually is like.... "Oh, it really is ending now". At least it felt like that to me.... kind of same with DanSen WARS......

But yeah... I hope for both series that there is going to be another season * ^ */

4) Drawing...
Nope. Barely.
Lol untly recently I haven't done any drawings, after this:

[IN11GO] Asoko ni UFO+Defense Houteishiki [Galaxy] by ChibiSalLina

And good news guys..... I actually started to work on designing one of Ersaeah's Job classes! ;D
Though it might take a while, before I can get back to draw Elsword related things, but this is actually a good starting point already.
But yeah... I only got the head/hair design for him though... outfit might be a bit hard to design, since I really dunno what to do with it lol xD
But yeah.... whenever I finish the design, I will actually have his Rebellious Path (Native Explorer + War Shaman) done.

........ -looks at the hair design-
Now that I look at it again........... it feels like I've seen this somewhere before.... .__.
Good that it's only a sketch in my sketchbook......
Yes. I do design better traditionally than digitally.... lol xD

But yeah... I do have the urge to draw some DanSen fanarts.... though I'm not sure when I'm going to pick up my tablet pen and work on that... lol xD

Anyways... that's basically it..... for this journal at least lol.

Well then,
Mata ne-ssu ;3

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Ah hello! I'm a huge fan of yours...and I was wondering if we could do a collaboration sometime
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is elsword OC a game? cuz if it is, i wanna play. and idk what OC sounds intresting tho
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Half-Insane-Ghost 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you do requests? o:
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RukiaRyoka786 Apr 4, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
requests open?
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Just to ask, are you a PvP person, and if you are, what are your ranks?
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OoAyameChanoO Mar 17, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Heeeey~ It's been a while! How've you been??
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conniieful Mar 13, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
psssst are you going to matsuri this year?
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Darz213 Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
sorry I might already asked you this but what do you do to color your pictures . they look SO amazing . I'm so jealous
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SenseiBalrog Feb 22, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Oh man I had no idea people were this dedicated to Elsword RPs, I'm gonna have to try this sometime. I love your work, I'm a huge Elsword fan (Main is LK, IGN is SenseiBalrog) and seeing fanart this good is really inspiring ^^ Keep up the good work!
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GrimReaper64 Feb 20, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Got my note?
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