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[WaistUp] Detailed Shading
More info about it right here: [OPEN] WaistUp Commissions [Points, PayPal][0/2]

Includes Lineart, Flat Coloring, and Detailed Shading.
[WaistUP] Simple Shading
Includes Lineart, Flat Coloring, and Simple Shading.
Add 100pts.
Add 200pts.
Add 300pts.
Add 400pts.
Add 500pts.

Also used for:

|| + one (1) additional character.
Add 700pts.

Also used for:

|| [WaistUp] Sketch
Add 1000pts.

Also used for:

|| [WaistUp] Sketch + B&W Coloring
|| [WaistUp] Lineart
|| + two (2) additional characters
Chibi desu~

Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still alive!
Only on a long hiatus. Kind of lol. Still drawing... not as much though, but still drawing lol.

Anyways... I've just moved to an apartment just recently together with Souleas. my boyfriend. 
Due to the move I (or my mom in this case) asked my boss if I could basically work more days to cover the rent and bills and anything else that would come with it.... which I did and which is also the reason why I haven't been doing a whole lot of things recently.
Though it's mostly because of work.
As some of you may know already... I work as a waitress, and I do basically full time. So... most of my time is going to work, my weekends are free but they are there to help my mom with her own little shop, which I basically consider work too, but it's more lax compared to the work I do in the restaurant.
I get more free time to the point of.... getting bored lol xD

Anyways! What I'm trying to say is.... my schedule is basically packed with work.
But... due to a drama that happened at work just recently, I might be able to get at least a day or two off. Might hurt the rent/bill money but more time to clean, unpack, and drawing. 
And yes.... I still haven't unpack all of my stuff yet due to the lack of time that work has been giving me lol xD

So... I have been thinking of a few things that I'd like to do in the future and hopefully able to start very soon or this coming year.... or some other time lol

01. Finishing up the commission for Larxtish:
... who has been waiting for their commission since..... err.... forever.... I think like 1 - 2 weeks before even Hurricane Harvey came by....  I'd like to finish that asap, hopefully within the next two weeks.

02. Closing the current commissions and open up commission for traditional art and crafts:
... I was planning on doing more traditional art and crafts stuff too, since it's been too long ago that I have done anything like that, though it's mostly bookmarks and ACEOs.
... For these commissions, you get to keep the original physical copy of the commission, which I will be shipping out.
... Due to this being traditional art which requires physical materials (paper, pencil, eraser, etc.) it will be a bit more on the pricey side than my digital commissions.... more details to this will come at a different time.
... Was planning on doing this after closing the Waist Up commission, but I might reconsider this and do this starting next year or maybe next month for Christmas time. I'm not quite sure yet.

03. Being more active on my joint account with Souleas:
... Me and my boyfriend, we have a joint account open, but we haven't done anything yet. We are currently working two small pet projects but still haven't gotten very far with them yet due to the different time schedules we have for our jobs... and distractions lol

04. Artbooks, T-Shirts, other Prints:
... I have been considering this for a long long time, but I haven't been able to come to a decision yet, and probably am still at that point, but I do want to make some prints like artbooks, tshirts, maybe stickers or even posters and then sell them.... but I'm not sure how I should price them and what I should do design wise. I'll consider it and maybe come to a conclusion. But if you guys are interested in any of these, feedback would be nice, just to see what you guys are thinking about it.

This should be all of it for right now... at least these are the main points that I've been thinking about of doing for the near future.... but.... only time can tell if the later ones will be actually a thing or not, I definitely will be trying to finish up the commission for Larxtish within the next two weeks.

Anyways... if you guys have any comments or thoughts about any of these, or even questions just reply to this journal or even sent me a note.
I may or may not be able to reply right away or so but I will be replying..... some time. lol

Well then,
Mata ne-ssu!
[20150113] Status Sign [CLOSED] by ChibiSalLina


Please note, that these commissions will include Paypal fees also, if paid via Paypal.
Note: I provided a Paypal fee calculator further down in the Payments section. Please use that for reference.
Please send your point payments via the commission widget on my profile.
Note: If you sent it in a different way by accident, I'll be sending it back to you, so you can resend again. Just let me know via note.
Please fill out the form I provided you and then send me a note with it.
Note: For discussion material, total price, details, etc.
This is also a first come first serve system.
Note: Unless you talked to me beforehand about reserving a slot.
The waitlist will have 5 slots.
Note: I may or may not reduce or increase this later in the future.


[NEW] [20171105]
|| Going to finish up the last commission and then I'm closing up the commissions. Thank you everyone for ordering! <3

|| Added a direct link to my paypal account. Just click on the link to get to the page.

|| Added Affiliated Commissions: Basically other commissions I currently have open at the moment.
|| Decided to add an option for Point Commission.

|| New Headers
|| New Prices
|| Added a waitlist. I will contact the first person on top of the list once I finished one of the commissions.
|| Only 2 Slots are going to be open.

Estimated OPENING


Affiliated Commissions

Bust Commissions: [OPEN] Bust Commission [Points, Paypal] [0/5]

Prices by ChibiSalLina


Sketch|| 700pts
Lineart || 1000pts

B&W|| + 300pts
Flat || + 400pts

Simple|| + 700pts
Detailed || + 1000pts

Adding Characters|| + 500pts

WaistUp Commission Price Sheet by ChibiSalLina

Forms by ChibiSalLina

Please fill out the appropriate forms for your commission and send it to me via note. I will need these for references in order to make accurate detailed drawing of your character/s.


Name || Your name and/or dA username.
Payment Option || Point/Paypal (need PayPal email for confirming if you have paid or not).
Type || Sketch/Lineart
Coloring || Yes/No (B&W/Flat)
Shading || Yes/No (Simple/Detailed)
Additionals || Yes/No (If yes, please specify amount of character/s.)
Background || White/Gray
References || All references of your character/s.
Others || Basically anything else, like poses, extras, etc.

MMO Characters

Name || Your name and/or dA username.
Payment Option || Point/Paypal (need PayPal email for confirming if you have paid or not).
Type || Sketch/Lineart
Coloring || Yes/No (B&W/Flat)
Shading || Yes/No (Simple/Detailed)
Additionals || Yes/No (If yes, please specify amount of character/s.)
Background || White/Gray
References || I need the following references of your character/s:
Front with accessories || The front view of your character/s with accessories.
Front without accessories || The front view of your character/s without accessories.

Back with accessories || The back view of your character/s with accessories.
Back without accessories || The back view of your character/s without accessories.

Left with accessories || The left side view of your character/s with accessories.
Left without accessories || The left side view of your character/s without accessories.

Right with accessories || The right side view of your character/s with accessories.
Right without accessories || The right side view of your character/s without accessories

Weapon/s || If available and wanted, please provide a reference for the weapon of your character/s too.
For Elsword Online character/s or from any other games, if possible, please provide references without the elemental attribute on the weapon.

Others || Basically anything else, like poses, extras, etc.

Payments by ChibiSalLina

For Point Payments:

Please send your payment via the commission widget on my profile. CLICK HERE
Note: If you sent your point payments in other ways by accident, I'll be sending them back to you.
Paying for additional characters:
If you want additional characters in your commission, just click on the respective buttons on the commission widget:

+ one (1) additional character = 500pts
+ two (2) additional characters = 1000pts
+ three (3) additional characters = 1500pts
Note: Up to three (3) additional characters only.

Thank you!

For PayPal payments:

Please send your payment using the following link using the USD currency:
Note: I will be adding the PayPal fee into the total price, or else I would be doing commissions for less than what they costs.
Price of overall commission + PayPal fee = Total amount.
If you want to know how much the commission without the fee costs, click here: PayPal Fee Calculator.
Just type in the total amount and click on "If sending this..." and it will show you how much the fee was and how much the actual commission costs.
Note: Please do not send what the calculator is telling you, if you did that, you would pay more than you should have, since the total amount already included the fee for paypal. The calculator just shows you how the fee calculation of PayPal is working.

Thank you!

Notes by ChibiSalLina

01 || Please wait with the payment until I accept your commission.
02 || I will start on your commission once I receive the payment, unless I'm working on another commission before the payment.
03 || Only one (1) commission at a time per person.
04 || Please keep in mind that I can refuse to do your commission, if I won't be able to do it or if it's not appropriate for me.
05 || Please be patient. Do NOT keep asking if I started your commission yet or how the progress is, unless it's been 5 days after the payment without any notice, unless another commission is being worked on.
06 || Commissions will usually take 2 - 3 days to finish, depending on the character count, details, and if there is/are an/other commission/s to be worked on.
I will send you a note if it does take longer than planned.
07 || Please be aware that I might contact you and asks questions about your commission/s, so please check dA frequently.
08 || Once I finished your commission, I will send you a link via note with the non-dA watermarked one.
On my gallery though, it will be having the dA watermark on, just to prevent art thieves to steal it for any reasons they may have.
09 || Before I start working on the clean sketch or lineart, I will send you a rough sketch of the progress via note, to let you see how it will look like.
You are able to change anything in that progress. Once you decided to change something, please let me know and I will adjust accordingly to it.
10 || Please refer to the progress percentages to see how far the progress of your commission is.
Note: Once you confirmed everything and the status says "Clean Sketch/Lineart Progress" with at least a percentage of 25.1%, you will not be able to change anything anymore. Please be sure about everything before confirming the final drawing.


0% || Not started yet
25% || Finished Rough Sketch
50% || Finished Clean Sketch/Lineart
75% || Finished Flat Coloring
100% || Done


Reserved || Slot reservation for the commissioner, while they are still looking for references and decide on what they want.
Negotiation Progress || Discussing about prices/details of the artwork with the commissioner.
Waiting for Payment || Payment hasn't been made yet by the commissioner.
Waiting for Response || Waiting for commissioner to respond to questions/comments/notes/etc.
Applying Adjustments || Changing the rough sketch according to commissioner's liking before finalizing it.
On Hold || Currently working on another commission or something came up that prevents me from working on it.
I will notify you about this.
Rough Sketch Progress Currently working on the rough sketch of artwork.
Clean Sketch/Lineart Progress || Currently working on the clean sketch/lineart of artwork.
Coloring Progress || Currently working on the coloring of artwork.
Uploading || Currently uploading the artwork.

Slots by ChibiSalLina

01 || [CLOSED]
Style || 
Payment Option || 
Commission Price || 
Paypal Fee || 
Total Price || 
Payment Status || 
Status || 
Progress ||
Note ||

02 || [CLOSED]
Style || 
Payment Option || 
Commission Price || 
Paypal Fee || 
Total Price ||
Payment Status || 
Status || 
Progress ||
Note ||

Waitlist by ChibiSalLina

01 || [CLOSED]
Status || 

02 || [CLOSED]
Status || 

03 || [CLOSED]
Status || 

04 || [CLOSED]
Status || 

05 || [CLOSED]
Status || 

Finished by ChibiSalLina

:iconankrea: Ankrea
[0001] Ankrea, WUC by ChibiSalLina  [0007] Ankrea, WUC by ChibiSalLina

:iconlaharl234: Laharl234
[0002] Laharl234, WUC by ChibiSalLina  [0004] Laharl234, WUC by ChibiSalLina

:iconnaskara: Naskara
[0003] Naskara, WUC by ChibiSalLina

:iconeeveeandabsol: EeveeandAbsol
[0005] EeveeandAbsol, WUC by ChibiSalLina  [0008] EeveeandAbsol, WUC by ChibiSalLina

:iconmilorian: Milorian
[0006] Milorian, WUC by ChibiSalLina

:iconlarxtish: Larxtish
[0009] Larxtish, WUC by ChibiSalLina
Copy&Paste from :iconthemagicpen:


Chibi desu~

I've been thinking about this part of TMP for a while, but I've yet to think of a proper story ish for this.
So... TMP: Another Story will be.... well... a spin off of TMP I guess?
What I've planned was:

Making a...... visual novel like reader insert kind of thing...?
Basically you, as the reader, can get to experience/be inside this story yourself.... sort of lol xD

I also will make a design for the MC, who looks/is/will be gender neutral. Basically, the MC can be either male or female, depending how you guys decide on it.
Though the design might be a bit tricky lol x'D
I have a design already, kind of looks like a boyish girl/girlish boy (was actually intended like that)

Anyways, depending on how time and Life decided to be for me, I was planning on posting something about this every two weeks. Just an initial thoughts, so that means it's not a final decision yet.

Then there is also something else I would like to add to this.

I will also bring in only six characters of my own in this story, mainly Salina and Solion.
Cresto, Silanor, Minato, and Noah will be supporting characters in here.
Other TMP characters may or may not appear as cameos.

And since this story is going to be lacking on sub characters, I was planning on bringing in some of your guys' OCs into this too.

It really depends on you guys.
If you guys want to have some of your OCs in here too, please send a note to this group, TheMagicPen, with the following subject and information about your character/s:

*SUBJECT: TMP: Another Story OC Submission

*Name: The name of your character/s.
*Age: The age of your character/s
*Race: The race of your character/s. (Human, Demon, Elf, etc...)
Element: Element of your character/s. (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Light, Dark, etc.... If they have one that is...)
Weapon: Weapon of choice of your character/s. (If they have one...)
*Likes: What your character/s like.
*Dislikes: What your character/s dislike.
*Personality: The personality of your character/s
*Background: A short background story of your character/s.
*References: Any references I need of your character/s and possibly their weapons too.
If any of the information have "*" marked in front of then, that means it is required that you put the information about your character in there.
If your OCs don't have anything specific Element or Weapon, just put in N/A.
Also, three (3) OCs max per person. Any more, and I may or may not be able to keep track with this lol xD

Your OCs will be credited properly everytime they appear in the story.
Also keep in mind that they may be out of character (OOC).

Well, other than that.... I've been working/thinking slowly on/about the character designs/illustrations for the following characters: Sylph, Solion, Sakuro, Sakura, Lok, Noah, and Salina/Solion [TMP EX ver].

So look forward to the next few TMP updates~

Well then,
Mata ne-ssu ;3


Alright... I'm currently getting ready for opening up the traditional art commission that I've mentioned in my journal the other day. Getting stuff bought and what not.

I might be open it up during December with a 20% discount for the holidays xD
Will last through the entire month... the discount that is.
I will be having a waiting list too and first come first serve will be applied to this too. Unless due dates are a thing.

More info will come soon.
Say hello to Body chan and Body kun~ xD
Decided to invest in these since I do notice for a while that the poses for most of the characters I've been drawing are more or less the same.
I mean I am able to do some actiony poses but only rarely I get them tobturn out how I want them to. So I hope these two will help me out quite a bit..... = u =;
I do hope so.... - looks at sacrificed wallet- QQ

Also! I might do more traditional drawings than digital.... depending on my mood of course, but recently Ive been drawing on paper more than I have digitally. Minus commissions of course. xD

embedded_item1503422135452 by ChibiSalLina
Chibi desu~

Just wanted to announce that, I've closed my Bust Commissions.
And once I'm done with these two waist up commissions, I'll close one of the slots and will add only three slots in the waiting list.
To make things less overwhelming for me with all the things that's been happening.
Ya~ Chibi desu~

Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still alive.

I'm currently in the process of looking for a new job. So it's kind of a..... I guess damper on my drawing activities?

:iconankrea: Sorry I'm taking so long with your commission because of this. I'll try to get it done asap. > ~ <;

Hopefully everything will settle down soon so I can get back to drawing... = u =;
Alrighty... I think my work schedule is finally stabilized and back to normal now.... I hope. 8/
But geez... sorry for taking so long to get your commission done, :iconmilorian:... I feel horrible "orz


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