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Reinforcing the Rules
Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is doing well. I just wanted to state that we have been lenient in the past and now we're going back to enforcing our rules! The two rules that need emphasis are "NO screenshots and renders are allowed"!!!
Screenshots do include traced pictures! So if there's an edited/traced screenshot of a character that you claim to be your OC, then it'll be denied.
On the other hand, using a base is still allowed only if you credit the base maker and put the link of the base in the deviation. If you claim that you used a base when the base link is just a screenshot, it still counts as tracing, which means your deviation will be denied to this group.
If you submit a screenshot, traced picture, or a render, it will be denied.
Have a wonderful day!!! :heart:
I will start rule shaming people :\ Because I am tiny and angry that we keep having to remind people about the same rules that have been in place since the beginning of thi
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[WaistUp] Detailed Shading
More info about it right here: [OPEN] WaistUp Commissions [Points, PayPal][0/2]

Includes Lineart, Flat Coloring, and Detailed Shading.
[WaistUP] Simple Shading
Includes Lineart, Flat Coloring, and Simple Shading.
Add 100pts.
Add 200pts.
Add 300pts.
Add 400pts.
Add 500pts.

Also used for:

|| + one (1) additional character.
Add 700pts.

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|| [WaistUp] Sketch
Add 1000pts.

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|| [WaistUp] Sketch + B&W Coloring
|| [WaistUp] Lineart
|| + two (2) additional characters
Chibi desu~

Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm all sound and safe!

So.... all in all my area hasn't been too affected by the hurricane or even the heavy rain that's been plaguing Houston for several days.
All it went up to where I live was just up the curb. Nothing more.
But... as some of you might have heard from the news or friends or so....
other areas have been affected a lot harder than my place.

Once everything calmed down... I decided to look for images and videos of how bad it actually really was.
Half of our downtown area was half way or even more than that under water.
Some shopping plazas, like say something like Walmart or Kroger.... were under water to up their roofs!
Familiar areas and street that I frequently pass by or go to were waistdeep/chestdeep under water also.

After all that.... I just felt....... shocked I guess.... I mean I've seen some of those images before too but it wasn't really.... affecting me that much for whatever reason, when everything else was still crazily wild.
But once everything was over I broke out in tears. I even saw two videos.
One about a man in Rockport, who lost everything and has been walking around in the dark to get away from where he was at. I think he also was trying to get in touch with his dad too but wasn't able too until later in the interview.... he broke out in tears after hearing that his dad survived and is safe. 

Then there was another video of a 5year old (I think about this age) boy, who lives in Philadelphia but was born here in Texas, he opened up a Lemonade/Sweet Tea Stand to get money to help out people that were affected by the hurricane. I think he sold the cup of drinks for like.... $0.50 or so. Not much. Some people are just donating, not wanting anything. Some were getting something but didn't want the change and all that. And another thing that I actually fine really cute about that is.... he was wearing a superman shirt and had a cape around his neck too.

But yeah... other than that..... in some areas the water has been going down quickly and was dry by yesterday. (Me and my mom went to the..... I guess downtown area to get something for our foodstand xD).

Overall everything seems to be fine now :3

How's everyone else doing that went through Harvey?
Hope you guys were safe!

Mata ne-ssu~
Chibi desu~

Going to be staying low for next few days or the next week actually. The area where I'm living, it's in Harvey's path... not a direct hit from what I can tell but still a terrifying thought. I'll keep an eye out for that....

Anyways.... to all who live around the coastal area of Texas and to all who live around the affected surroundings, I hope for all of your safety! Stay safe!

I'll see you guys next time I'm able to get on, going to preserve my phone's battery as much as I can. Keeping in mind that we won't have power for who knows how long.

Stay safe!  
embedded_item1503671670268 by ChibiSalLina
Chibi desu~

So... I've been thinking about this for a very long time, actually ever since I've stopped playing Elsword to me more exact.
I've been debating myself even telling my boyfriend about this.... that I might revoke my Elsword OCs.

My thoughts were more like.... 
Since I'm not playing Elsword anymore or even associate myself with it anymore.... I might as well just "take back" Lilith and Ersaeah, and use them somewhere else. But at the same time... they've been "born" as Elsword OCs.
I probably do something else with them, but deep inside my heart they're still going to be my Elsword OCs, although I won't do anything for them anymore aside from designs.

I mean... with the constant changes that KoG is adding in... it actually kind of kills everything for just to trying to catch up with that.
And just recently I heard from a friend that they're adding 3rd jobs in now too.
I mean... sure it sounds exciting, but I really don't have the time to do any of that for my OCs.
Look at the other job classes I still need to finish revamping/redesign too...... u__u;

Anyways.... I think I might just stop doing indepth stuff for them like..... skills and skill trees. I will just work on the designs and illustrations up until the second job and that's going to be it for them. When I'll do this, I have no idea.

Though I think overall I'll just revoke Lilith and Ersaeah from being my Elsword OCs. They will technically still be my Elsword OCs, but I probably won't work on them in details anymore, only up until I finish everything I've planned for them.

I do hope you guys will understand this....
And I do need to apologize to the peeps in :iconel-remeantparty:I dunno why, but I just feel like I need to:
Sorry for my inactivity in the group. I really have no idea what to do/draw for my OCs anymore. I mean sure I do have stuff for Lilith still, but Ersaeah has yet to get his other job classes besides the World Explorer. I just can't seem to find the motivation to work on these OCs of mine anymore since they are still associated with Elsword stuff.
If you guys feel like kicking me out of the group, please do so. I mean I have yet to upload something other than the apps for both of them on both my gallery and the group's gallery.

Anyways this is all there is from me.
Thank you guys for reading this.

Well then,
Mata ne-ssu~


Say hello to Body chan and Body kun~ xD
Decided to invest in these since I do notice for a while that the poses for most of the characters I've been drawing are more or less the same.
I mean I am able to do some actiony poses but only rarely I get them tobturn out how I want them to. So I hope these two will help me out quite a bit..... = u =;
I do hope so.... - looks at sacrificed wallet- QQ

Also! I might do more traditional drawings than digital.... depending on my mood of course, but recently Ive been drawing on paper more than I have digitally. Minus commissions of course. xD

embedded_item1503422135452 by ChibiSalLina
Chibi desu~

Just wanted to announce that, I've closed my Bust Commissions.
And once I'm done with these two waist up commissions, I'll close one of the slots and will add only three slots in the waiting list.
To make things less overwhelming for me with all the things that's been happening.
Ya~ Chibi desu~

Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still alive.

I'm currently in the process of looking for a new job. So it's kind of a..... I guess damper on my drawing activities?

:iconankrea: Sorry I'm taking so long with your commission because of this. I'll try to get it done asap. > ~ <;

Hopefully everything will settle down soon so I can get back to drawing... = u =;
Alrighty... I think my work schedule is finally stabilized and back to normal now.... I hope. 8/
But geez... sorry for taking so long to get your commission done, :iconmilorian:... I feel horrible "orz
I finally got internet back xDDD

But yeah.... it seems like that our old router was so old that it decided to die on us xD
Not really... AT&T decided to cut us out for some reason and now we got a new router and what not..... but yeah.... I'm back internet~ xD


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